Who are we?

Commercial and General Systems

are the world's leading specialists in dealing with computer and technology problems that simply terrify other businesses.

What kind of problems do we tackle?

Strange, unusual and seemingly impossible problems.

Problems related to anything non-standard, from ancient, obsolete, 'legacy' systems to the very latest 'state of the art', highly specialised technologies.

Why are we interested in solving them?

Not because we think that the more standard, familiar solutions are necessarily boring (we have to be able to offer help with them as well).

But working with these 'oddball' problems, we meet challenges that make every job we take on extremely fulfilling: over many years and thousands of jobs, we have never found two requirements which were exactly the same.

Why are we good at solving these problems?

The more of them you do, the better you get!

Since our beginning in 1988, we have built up databases of thousands of specialists and solutions.

We have developed long-standing relationships with enormous numbers of individuals who are each expert in one particular technology.

When you call us with a problem, our long memories help us to ask you the right questions in order to 'get a handle on your problem'.

People tell us that we seem to know 'more than is humanly possible' about the most obscure problems, but we don't hide the fact that our knowledge is constantly augmented by our network of enthusiastic collaborators.

In fact, once we have solved your problem with some unusual or old technology, we might actually have the audacity to ask you to help us if someone else comes up with a similar problem in future (which perhaps gives an insight into how we appear to be so knowledgeable!) and offer to pay for your help!

We work on the principle that:

'the more problems we solve, the more problems we CAN solve'.

Here's a list of organisations we have helped:

3i Consultants
A & AEE (Navigation & Radar Division)
Abbey National Building Society
ABC International
AC Nielsen
Allied Bakeries
Apricot plc
BP Chemicals
Battelle Institute
Bedfordshire County Council
Blue Circle plc
Bowater Zenith
Bradford University
British Telecom
British Aerospace
CM Computer Management group
Bull HN Information Systems
Coca Cola Schweppes Beverages
Computer Associates
Coopers & Lybrand
Customs & Excise
Department of Health
Department of Employment
Department of Trade & Industry
Digital Equipment Corporation
Dunn & Bradstreet
Fraser Williams (Scientific)
GPT Communications Data Systems
General Automaton
Global Systems - Kalamazoo
Great Yarmouth Borough Council
Hawker Siddely
High Peak Borough Council
Information Builders
Inland Revenue
John Brown Engineering
John Mattey
Kings College Hospital
Laing Civil Engineering
London Business School
Liverpool University
Lloyds Bowmaker
Lloyds of London
London Borough of Greenwich
London School of Economics
Loughborough university
Luton Chamber of Commerce
Ministry of Defence
MOD Royal Armament R&D
McDonnell Douglas
Milk Marketing BoardNational Computing Centre
National Radiological Protection Board
Northern Telecom
Pegasus software
Plessey Naval Systems
Polytechnic of Wales
HM Prison Services, Wormwood Scrubbs
Public Health Laboratory Services
Racal Defence, Radar & Displays
Racal Milgo
Rank Xerox (UK) Ltd
Ready Mixed Concrete
Rothmans International Tobacco
Royal School of Artillery
SAS Institute
Science Museum
Sheer Logic
Shell (UK) Ltd
Southbank Polytechnic
Systems Reliability
Ultramar Exploration
University College London
University of Southampton
US Coastguard
Vickers Shipbuilders Ltd
Wang UK
West London Waste Authority
World Conservation Monitoring
Yorkshire Water


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