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Have you got some data that is in the wrong format?

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Is your problem described below?

  • Have you got some data in a strange or unfamiliar format that you need to read?
  • Have you got some data that's in the wrong format for the software that you need to read it into?
  • Has someone asked you to put some data onto a format that they can read but you can’t?
  • Have you got some data which came from a software package or computer that you have long since got rid of?
  • Have you got some data on a disk or tape that you need to put onto CD, or DVD, or a hard disk or onto the web?
  • Have you got a whole library of data where you want to get the data off onto higher capacity tapes, or hard disks, or CDs or DVDs or onto a web server?
  • Have you got some data that you can't read because it is damaged or corrupted?
  • Have you got some data where you can only get at part of it?
  • Have you got some data which needs 'cleaning up' by doing things such as removing outdated name and address records, or 'de-duplication' or postcode checking?
  • Have you got some data where you need to make multiple copies of it or put it onto multiple floppy disks, tapes, CDs, or DVDs?

If you have any of these problems, we can help

Click on the following links to see a list of the relevant types of data conversion that we can deal with:

Database conversion

Word processing conversion

Disk Conversion

Tape conversion

We also handle all the different computers, operating systems, backup software and file formats involved.

Once we have retrieved your files from the disk, tape, or email you have sent us, we can do one of two things:

we can put the files that you send us straight onto the type of tape or disk you that want 'as is' without changing the data format of your files (if all you want us to do is change the media for you)

additionally we can also convert the files from your tape to any other file format, before we put them onto the type of tape or disk that you can read.

How much does it cost?


Click here to see how we go about answering all your questions about cost.

Why are we effective at solving these kinds of problems?

Firstly, we set out in 1988 to tackle all the computing and technology jobs that nobody else wanted.
We soon discovered the following:

The more of them you do, the better you get!

Since our beginning we have found that the best way to solve the widest range of difficult technology problems was to build up the word’s most sophisticated database of thousands of (often obscure) problems and solutions.

This has proved to be the best way to develop a detailed understanding of how to ask the right questions, in order to identify the right solution to a seemingly insoluble technical problem.

We have developed long-standing relationships with enormous numbers of individuals who are each experts (often retired) in solving one particular kind of technological problem.

When you call us with a problem, our long memories, detailed records and expert systems help us to ask you the right questions in order to 'get a handle on your problem'.

People tell us that we seem to know 'more than is humanly possible' about the most obscure problems, but we don't hide the fact that our knowledge is constantly augmented by our network of enthusiastic collaborators.

In fact, once we have solved your problem with some unusual or old technology, we might actually have the audacity to ask you to help us if someone else comes up with a similar problem in future (which perhaps gives an insight into how we appear to be so knowledgeable!) and offer to pay for your help!

We work on the principle that:

'the more problems we solve, the more problems we CAN solve'

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