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Discovered old cine films in the attic or under the stairs?

Are they packed with memories you’re yearning to relive?

We'll get your films onto DVD

The films will look surprisingly clear because we don't just put them in a projector, we scan them to kill 'jitter'

We also clean your films to get rid of the dirt and dust that has built up

Can you see your requirements below?

Got old cine films, but no projector?

Photo of cine projectorDo you need to get some old cine films (8mm, super-8, standard-8, 16mm, or even 9.5mm, 35mm) onto DVD or VHS?

Want your cine films edited?

Before we put your cine films onto DVD, we can edit them for you

Want to edit your films yourself?

We can get your films into any format that your video editing software can handle, including MPEG and MiniDV



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Need to get your cine films onto the web?

Have you got a cine film that you need to get onto MPEG, WMV, Quicktime, Flash or YouTube?

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Want to watch a cine film on a PC?

Have you got cine films that you’d like to be able to play in Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Quicktime, files on a hard disk or the web?

Need to get your cine films onto DVD before they are unplayable?

Image of cine films being thrown away after becoming unplayable

Are you keen to get all of your old cine films onto DVD before they're gone forever?


Cine film collection you need to get onto DVD?

Have you got a collection of your old home movies on cine film that you want to get onto DVDs?

Damaged cine film?

Image of damaged cine film

Have you got a cine film that you can't play because it's damaged?

Do you have a cine film that needs cleaning up ?

Have you got a cine film that's spoiled by dirt and dust that you'd like to clean up so that it looks and sounds much better?


Stumped by a weird looking film?

photo of media in unusual format

Have you got an odd-looking film that you want to watch, but can’t?

Need to make copies of tape or DVD?

Have you got a video tape or DVD and you need multiple copies made?

If you have any of these problems, we can help

How much does it cost?

Click here to see how we go about answering all of your questions about cost.


Why are we so effective at solving these kinds of problems?

People say to us, “how can anyone know so much about such obscure problems? We’d given up hope that anyone could help….”

The reason we are so effective at solving these kinds of problems is because, in 1988 a group of technology experts set out to create a company which tackled all the computing, technology and media jobs that nobody else wanted because they were too difficult.

We soon realised that we were onto something because the more problems we solved, the better we got.

Because we’ve been doing this since 1988 we now know that we can solve a wider range of problems than anyone else.

This is how we did it.

Building a "problem-solving knowledge base"

From the moment we started, we entered every detail of each problem we solved into a database to create the word's most comprehensive database of obscure (often very obscure) problems and their solutions.

Getting it right every time

This helps us to ask you the right questions in order to identify the right solution to your seemingly insoluble technical problems.

A network of expert problem-solvers

Over time, we have developed long-standing relationships with an enormous number of individuals who are each experts in solving one particular kind of technological problem.

These experts can be notoriously difficult to track down (sometimes they’re retired) but they are often the only ones with the unique specialist knowledge required to solve your problem.   

So if you’ve got old cine films, tapes, cassettes or discs that you can’t play, tap into our expertise by calling me,

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Peter Friedman on:


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or email us at: enquiries@comgen.co.uk

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What types of cine film can we convert?


Super 8

Standard 8






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Memories of family and old friends on video or cine film?

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Things are so much easier to watch and share on DVD

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